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Re-Discovering The Soul's Essence

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Alchemy in Progress offers a platform for healing and transformation that facilitates the journey of self-discovery and liberation. Through services such as Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions, Reiki sessions, Healing Jewelry, Tarot and upcoming workshops, I assist my clients in identifying and clearing traumas, blockages, programs, and perceptions within the subconscious and unconscious mind. These blockages form over time as the person splits their psyche between their shadow persona and their ego identity. Many people these days are experiencing the world as their ego identity unaware of what is in their shadow and how the ego's insistence on keeping it hidden for its own preservation is affecting their behavior and health. This can create not only psychological and emotional imbalances but can manifest in the body as dis-ease and pain. Once cleared, a client can then make sense of their experiences, emotions, behavior and physical ailments to begin the process of healing and integration. This is a multi-step process of self-discovery and liberation ...purification and redemption.


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Anishia Coleman

Master Energy Healer


Who am I?

I am a Shadow Worker, Multi-Dimensional Master Healer, Psychoanalyst, Shaman/Psychopomp, and Reiki Master. My specialty is reading and controlling energy, and I offer a range of services to help my clients heal from trauma and reconnect with their Soul Identity. Through specific tones, elements, colors, symbols, and frequencies I sing into the body, I can help clear, realign, and restructure the psyche, aura, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. I also offer Soul Retrievals and Reintegration for those who have memory loss from traumatic experiences, as well as Reiki sessions for integration, physical ailments, and processing painful emotions.

If you are interested in learning more about me, click the link below.


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Multi-Dimensional Healing

Multi-Dimensional Healing, Psyche/Body Scans

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Tarot Readings

Full Readings, Shadow Work Spread, Career Spread, Money/Abundance Spread, Relationship Spread

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Reiki Healing Services

 Traditional/Holy Fire III Reiki,

Karuna Reiki, Chakra Balancing

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Coming Soon!

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Shamanic/Elemental Healing Services

 Cellular work, Past life Karma Clearing, Soul Retrieval

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Holy Fire III Reiki I, II & Master, Holy Fire III Karuna, Traditional Usui Reiki, Extended Training Available.


My rant podcast discussing concepts and topics in the spiritual community and on the path. Straight talk no frills. No rainbows and unicorns. 

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Social Media

My social media channel to discuss spiritual topics and updates on current energies I'm picking up on.
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Member Resources

Membership is FREE and necessary to access workshops and meditations to come back to at a future time. Join at the top of the website or click any section below. 

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I've been getting Reiki from Anishia since 2018. I usually get two Reiki sessions a year. Since meeting Anishia and using her services she has helped me boost my confidence and taught me about how I should reconsider what self love and self respect really is. I used to be a doormat for all of my friends, but now I have standards. The most important thing Anishia has helped me with is opening my throat chakra. My throat chakra was completely blocked. Since 2018, I haven't suffered with a sore throat (which only happened hen I don't speak up or let people walk all over me, which I don't do anymore.)

I highly recommend Anishia for life changing results. I am so grateful to be on her timeline.

 - Tiffany O., Maryland

I received an amazing Reiki session. I felt very calm, and all she sensed was spot on. She was able to channel healing energy to my problem areas. definitely recommend her!

- Mary Michelle , Quatar

If I could her 10 stars I would. Anishia's energy is amazing to be surrounded by even through the screen. I've taken a reiki level one class before with someone else and it barely touched on anything I learned in Anishia's class. Her teaching is beyond great and she's very patient and just lovely to be learning with. I enjoyed every single minute with her and I've learned so much, not just about Reiki, but also about life. She's extremely experienced which shows in her teaching. I will definitely do the master level with her as well. The hours flew by. I don't think I've enjoyed learning something from someone else more. I absolutely love and recommend this beautiful Angel to the rest of the world. If you don't take this class with Anishia you will definitely miss out on a lot.

-Anja L., New York

" I have worked with Anishia on several different levels on my spiritual journey and the truth is that she is authentically gifted, extremely intelligent and a powerful spiritual teacher. Her abilities are expansive and her level of knowledge has proven to be catalyst in helping those she works with to better understand themselves in order to embrace self-healing and to thrive exponentially on a mindful, emotional and spiritual level."

-Cassie L., Georgia

I received my first reiki session from Anishia and the experience was amazing!!! I felt like a huge weight was lifted from me. She was very respectful, kind and patient with me during the process. I am so grateful for people like herself who are here to help heal those of us who want better for ourselves. She was able to see and explain things to me efficiently for my understanding as to why I was feeling this way. She also recommended crystals for me to use to help with my healing process. Whatever issues you are experiencing emotionally, physically, spiritually & mentally, I highly recommend everyone book a session with Anishia! She is not only pleasant but extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about her work. I can’t wait to book another session with her.

- Miranda W. , New Jersey

This was my first Reiki session and it definitely won't be my last. Who knew a Reiki session would turn my life around in a week. My energy and thoughts have completely changed in a positive way. So happy I was referred to her and I will be referring more people to changing experience.

- TeAysia C., New Jersey

Alchemy in Progress Crystal Shop on Etsy

Along my journey I was able to witness the incredible healing power of crystals. I developed a deeper relationship with these spiritual guides and the healing wisdom they have to teach my clients and myself. I have since decided to become a conduit to deliver crystals to the owner they chose. For a large selection of beautiful crystals, gems, incense and handmade bracelets to help you along your path please check out my crystal shop