Healing Services Available Worldwide. International shipping on crystals and jewelry from my Etsy Page.

My Services
  • Chakra Balancing & Blockage Removal

  • Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®

  • Jinlap Maitri Indo-Tibetan Shamanic Healing

  • Intuitive/Psychic Reiki

  • Multidimensional Healing

  • Crystal Healing/ Crystal Reiki

  • Recovery From Cult and Dark Magic Manipulation/Influences

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Entity, Thoughtform, Etheric Parasite, and Disembodied Spirit Removal

  • Past Life Karmic Clearing

  • Akashic Reading

  • Soul Blueprint Reading

  • Removal of Vax Spike Protein from  exposure to vaxxed individuals or vax side effects- Crystal Grid & Herbal Protocol

  • Goal Coaching

  • Customized Healing Bracelets

  • Breaking Curses

  • Life Coaching

  • Life Purpose Coaching

  •  Land Clearing/House Clearing

  • Spiritual/Ascension Coaching

  • Courses & Workshops

  • Holy Fire III Reiki Training Classes

  • EFT/TFT/EFT Energy

  • Neurolinguistic Programming 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Tarot

  • Mediumship

  • Numerology Reports


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Healing Services 


So ALL Reiki sessions are done at a distance! No need to leave your house! I can see inside your body to remove blocks, change and speed up the flow of energy, remove entities, etc, no matter where you are  in the world. 

"Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are." - Rachel Naomi Remen

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All sessions can be catered to your unique situation. Some of the types of specialty sessions are listed at the top of the page. For specialty session please contact me so I can discuss what type of session and session length you need. 


30min Holy Fire III Reiki Healing Session
For Rebalancing/Chakra Cleanup


Usui/ Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Healing Session

Multidimensional Healing Session w/ Spirit Guide Crystal Pick (multimodal)



Crystal Healing Reiki Session


Spiritual Mentoring/ Ascension Guidance

(can be purchased as an add-on to your Reiki Session)


Spirit Guide Crystal Pick

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Akashic Reading
coming soon

Buddhist monastery Thrangu Tashi Yangtse

Jinlap Maitri Tibetan Shamanic Healing Sessions
- Form, Light, Mantra

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Soul Divine Blueprint Akashic Reading
coming soon

For Spiritual Coaching Package see COACHING in drop down menu

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Curse Removal or Cult/Dark Magic Programming Removal


Large Land and Home Clearing


Home Clearing

Not sure which service is right for you?
You can schedule a free 10-15min consultation.

If you are vaccinated against covid please schedule a consultation prior to booking an appointment!

or email me at


Numerology Report

Numerology is the study of numbers and the meaning they have throughout our lives. This report will allow you to get a much deeper understanding of yourself allowing you to move forward in your path with more confidence and clarity of purpose. It can help with all aspects of your life from love and romance, to career and wealth, to psychic and spiritual ability.  send This report will be sent by email.

The Basic Report includes:

  • Destiny numbers

  • Soul numbers

  • Personality numbers

  • Birthdate numbers

  • Growth numbers

  • Habit number

  • Life Path number

  • stress Numbers

  • Personal Year

  • Personal Month

  • Expression Number

  • Atitude Number

  • Pinnacles / Phases

  • 4 Challenges

  • Hidden Potentials

  • Intuitive Angelic Numerology

  • Karmic Debt numbers

  • Karmic Lesson numbers

  • Business numbers (if you have a Business)

  • Stress numbers

  • Best Days of the week

  • Best Planets

  • Best Months

  • Best/ Lucky Numbers

After booking please send me an email with  your name birthdate, and email address so I can send you your Numerology Report. Delivery time is 2-3 days.  For Tarot and numerology I can only accept Cash App, Venmo, or Paypal because of site restrictions

Cash App:







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Tarot and Oracle Card Spread

If you are looking for clarity in your current life situation regarding career, relationships, spiritual journey, etc I can connect with my angelic guides to provide insight using tarot.

Note: I do not do tarot readings spying on exes or wondering if someone is thinking about you. I personally believe that readings focusing on past relationships are a distraction to a person's soul journey because they are not giving themselves a chance to learn from the experience and heal. It is important to take the lessons from those relationships and move forward.

After booking please send me an email with your tarot question or area of focus and phone number and I will respond with available times for you to choose from to book your phone call. If you would Like it typed up in an email instead you can indicate that as well.

General reading cover the four areas of Health, Relationships, Spiritual path, and Career/Finance. Specific Readings please pick on one or two areas. 

 For Tarot and numerology I can only accept Cash App, Venmo, or Paypal because of site restrictions. 

Cash App:






$ 59


The Unconscious Mind Tarot and Oracle Spread

This tarot and oracle spread is specifically for people who are going through the rough patch in their life called "dark night of the soul. This reading is meant to bring the underlying issues up to the surface to be healed and discovery what is blocking us on our path. I will read the areas of your life in Money/Business, Relationship, Spiritual Growth and Health/Habit.  This is a reading that is meant for those of you ready to address the issues deep within the psyche head on.

After booking please send me an email with your tarot question or area of focus and phone number and I will respond with available times for you to choose from to book your phone call. If you would Like it typed up in an email instead you can indicate that as well.

General reading cover the four areas of Health, Relationships, Spiritual path, and Career/Finance. Specific Readings please pick on one or two areas. 

 For Tarot and numerology I can only accept Cash App, Venmo, or Paypal because of site restrictions. 

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Life Coaching & 

Spiritual Coaching Services

Not Available at this time due to other time consuming projects.

Life can be challenging, OBVIOIUSLY. Many people and have never considered working with a coach or have even heard that there are coaches out here that can help them. If any of the following issues resonate with your situation I would love for you to contact me to see If I am a good fit to assist you on your journey!

  • Are you trying to figure out your PURPOSE in life?

  • Not sure what is holding you back from being your AUTHENTIC self?

  • Interested in pursuing the SPIRITUAL path but not sure where to start?

  • Have you been on your spiritual path for some time, but feel like you have reached a BLOCK in your understanding or awareness?

  • Paralyzed by fear of success? fear of failure? fear of the unknown?

  • Have you recognized a negative PATTERN in your behavior that you are trying to stop repeating?

  • Are you repeatedly attracting the same types of partners or toxic relationships?

  • Is your reality not matching your intended MANIFESTATION?

  • You are waking up to the ILLUSIONS of this world?

  • Do you have a bunch of questions on your spiritual journey but are finding conflicting answers online that don't resonate with your internal truth?

  • Are you feeling called to pursue a spiritual business but you don't yet have a point of focus?

I offer Goal Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Spiritual/Ascension Coaching and Mindset Coaching. I will design a plan to fit your unique needs to make progress in your life, identify limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns holding you back and reach your goals to attain greater fulfillment. Please check the drop-down menu under the COACHING section for details.

Back Massage

Holy Fire® III Reiki Training Classes 


"The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” – B.B. King

Holy Fire® III Reiki I& II $400  ON SALE NOW 15% OFF  ($340)

Holy Fire® III Reiki Master (Online) $900 ON SALE NOW 20% OFF  ($720)

 Holy Fire® III Karuna® Master (Online)$950 

Holy Fire® III Online Upgrade $200 

(to teach and perform distant Reiki and Attunements if you did not have the most recent attunements to Holy Fire III))

(for full description of each class please see the "Classes" section in the drop down menu)

You will receive the standard manual provided by the ICRT and a recognized ICRT Certification. Upon completion, if you choose to become a member, you will be eligible to join the ICRT as an affiliate member and purchase all teaching materials, books, brochures and logo through the organization

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I remember when I first began to feel/think differently about the way I exist. I was lost, confused, even a bit frightened. Anishia somehow managed to tell me things without telling me things. She provided no answers but instead divine guidance I would call it. Honestly, anytime I experience any sort of elevation, shift or remembrance...I ALWAYS contact Anishia. She truly is enlightened.

- Teyon D., Maryland

I've been getting Reiki from Anishia since 2018. I usually get two Reiki sessions a year. Since meeting Anishia and using her services she has helped me boost my confidence and taught me about how I should reconsider what self love and self respect really is. I used to be a doormat for all of my friends, but now I have standards. The most important thing Anishia has helped me with is opening my throat chakra. My throat chakra was completely blocked. Since 2018, I haven't suffered with a sore throat (which only happened hen I don't speak up or let people walk all over me, which I don't do anymore.)

I highly recommend Anishia for life changing results. I am so grateful to be on her timeline.

 - Tiffany O., Maryland

I received an amazing Reiki session. I felt very calm, and all she sensed was spot on. She was able to channel healing energy to my problem areas. definitely recommend her!

- Mary Michelle , Quatar

" I have worked with Anishia on several different levels on my spiritual journey and the truth is that she is authentically gifted, extremely intelligent and a powerful spiritual teacher. Her abilities are expansive and her level of knowledge has proven to be catalyst in helping those she works with to better understand themselves in order to embrace self-healing and to thrive exponentially on a mindful, emotional and spiritual level."

-Cassie L., Georgia

I received my first reiki session from Anishia and the experience was amazing!!! I felt like a huge weight was lifted from me. She was very respectful, kind and patient with me during the process. I am so grateful for people like herself who are here to help heal those of us who want better for ourselves. She was able to see and explain things to me efficiently for my understanding as to why I was feeling this way. She also recommended crystals for me to use to help with my healing process. Whatever issues you are experiencing emotionally, physically, spiritually & mentally, I highly recommend everyone book a session with Anishia! She is not only pleasant but extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about her work. I can’t wait to book another session with her.

- Miranda W. , New Jersey

This was my first Reiki session and it definitely won't be my last. Who knew a Reiki session would turn my life around in a week. My energy and thoughts have completely changed in a positive way. So happy I was referred to her and I will be referring more people to here...lol...life changing experience.

- TeAysia C., New Jersey

When I first met Anishia she was one of my students. I knew upfront that she had amazing and talented gifts. It was a year and a half later that I got my first distant Reiki session with her. With her psychic and healing abilities she not only picked up on things I did know but she also picked on things I didn't know. Those were things that needed to be worked on most. It was a great Reiki session. Six months later I became one of her students in Holy Fire Karuna Reiki. With her teaching style she was serious when we needed to be and kept the class light and laughs when we could. I loved that she did add her own touch and knowledge to the classes. I had a great experience working with her as a client, teacher and student.

- Samantha Bason, Texas

If I could her 10 stars I would. Anishia's enrgy is amazing to be surrounded by even through the screen. I'v taken a reiki level one class before with someone else and it barely touched on anything I learned in Anishia's class. Her teaching is beyond great and she's very patient and just lovely to be learning with. I enjoyed every single minute with her and I've learned so much, not just about Reiki, but also about life. She's extremely experienced which shows in her teaching. I will definitely do the master level with her as well. The hours flew by. I don't think I've enjoyed learning something from someone else more. I absolutely love and recommend this beautiful Angel to the rest of the world. If you don't take this class with Anishia you will definitely miss out on a lot.

-Anja L., New York