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Multi-Dimensional Healing is a vocal healing modality used to instruct the body and energy field to heal and release trauma. I am given specific tones, frequencies and phrases to speak and sing into the body of my clients that are unique to the needs of each individual. What is spoken into the body is given to me by God/Spirit/Christ only.  With these tones and the information given to me by the client's spirit guides, I am able to identify the location of each block and trauma in their body and energy field. I am also able to see what the block is and if it is from this lifetime or another. I access the multiple dimensions of the clients being to release these blocks, bring the subconscious shadow to the conscious mind and repair the energy field. The information about each block is placed within the subconscious mind to start the restructuring process, whereby the ego will then release this information to the conscious mind. Frequencies are also suggested to each client to better assist with working through each block. A combination of Multi-Dimensional Healing, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Jinlap Maitri and Sacred Geometry are all used in this session. This is recommended as the first session for any new client because it is the most extensive all-encompassing session I offer.​ 

Multi-Dimensional Healing Session

Purpose of this session:

In this session, I will identify the nature of your blocks, traumas, and limiting beliefs and remove them. I will then perform a restructuring of the associations you made within the brain. These associations were created throughout your life since birth and we attract situations and people based off of them. I will then go over each block during the post session discussion, explain how they has been affecting you, and give some advice on how to work through them.

The purpose of the session:

  • identify the blocks, programs, and traumas you are carrying that are holding you back or causing dis-ease or dysfunction in the body and mind.

  • removal of any entities, spirit attachments or thought forms  

  • Rebalancing and realigning your chakras

  • healing past life trauma affecting this lifetime, 

  • bringing karmic issues to the surface, 

  • gaining clarity to realize one's goals and purpose,

  • healing addictions, 

  • closing any holes in your auric body

  • elemental rebalancing

  • identify disease when applicable (removal may need separate specialized session)

  • healing childhood trauma, CPTSD and PTSD

  • quicker healing of physical ailments and nerve pain

  • opening your crown to facilitate better communication with your guides for clarity of purpose and path.​


 1hr 30 min session

PLUS a 1 hour session discussion

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