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Brain-Body Trauma Therapy

Brainspotting allows a client the ability to gain access to the part of the brain where unprocessed memories and emotions from a traumatic experience are stored. This helps them to process difficult emotions and feelings stored in long-term memory as well as release the related psychosomatic pains and trauma patterns within the body.

Unlike normal talk therapy which notoriously takes many years to process trauma and the related emotions, new innovative techniques such as Brainspotting Therapy have been shown to help clients resolve and release stored emotions and memories within the brain and body without needing to relive the initial trauma. Traditional talk therapy is a "top-down" approach that attempts to solve problems using the conscious mind (neocortical thinking), and therefore it can take a long time to access unconscious memories and emotions stored within the brain and body. Brainspotting is a "bottom-up" therapy also known as a brain-body approach to healing which targets the subcortical parts of the brain and focuses on the release of these blockages that have been stored, allowing for processing of traumatic memories and emotions which may have been stuck for a person's entire lifetime. David Grand, PhD describes this "stuckness" as "frozen maladaptive homeostasis". It uses sensitivities withing the visual field even if you do not have access to the memories of the event. This technique is used to process and release the related trauma, emotions, and perceptions, that have become stuck within the body and energy field that can cause not only chronic pain but chronic illnesses. After the trauma is released, the client no longer experiences being "triggered" into a trauma response in relation to the resolved issue. 

What can Brainspotting treat effectively?

Brainspotting is an effective short-term technique (1-3 sessions usually) for anxiety, depression, Parts work, self-worth issues, trauma from neglect or abandonment, chronic pain, addiction, and behavioral conditions. It can really be used for any concern or even to enhance creativity.

Other common uses for Brainspotting are:

  • grief

  • ptsd symptoms

  • attachment issues

  • dissociative disorders

  • specific phobias

  • safety & security

  • betrayal & trust wounds

  • fear of failure/feelings of failure

  • power/control related trauma

  • Confidence

  • feeling invalidated

  • self-sabotage

  • abuse

  • relationship issues or issues at work

  • and much more


Brainspotting can be done as single sessions or I also offer it as package. You can choose below which offering suits your needs. 

**A Computer and headphones is suggested for all Brainspotting sessions. This session can be done with a phone or iPad and we will do Gazespotting which is another form of Brainspotting when the visual field of the computer is limited.


Brainspotting Therapy
Single Session

Some clients prefer a shorter Brainspotting session because they can be emotionally intense while others prefer a longer session to have more time to process a particular issue. In this session we will speak briefly about the issue you would like to work on and then move right into the session. Brainspotting usually takes 1-3 sessions to resolve a particular issue. These are targeted sessions so please pick one area of focus per session. If the issue has been resolved prior to the completion of the session and there is still time to fit in another topic we can start to work on a second issue but there many not be time to bring it to resolution.


1 hour Brainspotting Session

(~50min session and 10min talking)


1 hour 30min Brainspotting session

(~1hour 20 min session with 10 mins talking)


Brainspotting Therapy
6-Session Package

Brainspotting Packages can be done as Six 1-

Hour sessions or Six 1.5 Hour sessions. Brainspotting Packages are for clients that have multiple issues/traumas they would like to work through. Some clients prefer the shorter 1-hour Brainspotting sessions because they can be emotionally intense while others prefer longer sessions to have more time to process a particular issue. This is completely your choice based on your preference. In this session, we will speak briefly about the issue to you would like to work on and then move right into the session. These are targeted sessions so please pick one area of focus per session. If the issue requires more than one session to resolve it can carry over into the next session if you would like.

If a particular issue is resolved before the session is complete and there is a significant amount of time left, we can switch topics. For this package, please pick the time of the first session and then we will schedule the rest of the sessions as we go.


($50 BSP Therapy Package Discount)

SIX 1-Hour Brainspotting Sessions Package


Brainspotting & Multidimensional Healing
Combo Package

This includes a 1.5 hour Trauma Identification Session w/ a 1 hour discussion and a separate 1 hour Brainspotting Session. This is for clients who do not yet know what traumas they have that are holding them back in life. In the MDH Session I will scan for all of your traumas, distorted perceptions, emotions and limiting beliefs stuck within the unconscious mind and body. Then, in the Brainspotting Session, we will work on the trauma of your choice that you may be having a hard time processing. 


1 hour Brainspotting Session

+ 1 hour 30min Trauma Identification Session with 1 hour discussion

($15 off combo)

Schedule the Trauma Identification Session FIRST then we will schedule your Brainspotting Session together after your session.


Brainspotting &
PARTS Identification Combination Session

This session will include:

  • Multi-Dimensional PARTS Scan:

I will do this part on my own prior to our discussion. I do not need your participation (just your consent to access this information during the reading, which you are providing by booking the session).

  • 1-Hour Discussion: 

This will be over the phone.

We will discuss:

*How many "Parts" you have

*What traumas, programs and emotions each one is experiencing

*How each of them may be affecting your life based on the location affected.

  • One 1-hour Brainspotting Trauma Therapy: This will be a focused session on the chosen trauma/perception/emotion you would like to work through. This Session is scheduled separately.


To learn more about PARTS Identification click HERE

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