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Image by Catia Dombaxe

Problem Identification & Clearing Session

These sessions are mini versions of the Trauma Identification session. They are for returning clients for when they may feel out of balance or if they are having difficulty with a challenge or lesson they are trying to learn. As humans, we go through cycles of growth and ego death as we rebirth ourselves and there are most often new pop-up issues that will cause blockages as we try to process and learn new information. Clients may want some assistance figuring out whatever they are stuck on but do not need a full session. Please book the session that matches the amount of time you think you need. If you are unsure which session to book, please send me a message and I will ask your guides and let you know. I suggest messaging me first because you may not need a session at all.

45 min
Session & Discussion


Includes 45 min Trauma Identification Somatic Clearing session and 15 min discussion

1 Hour
Session & Discussion


Includes 1 hour Trauma Identification Somatic Clearing session and 30 min discussion

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