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V*ccine Clearing & DNA Repair

Image by Sangharsh Lohakare

This session package is specifically for individuals that have taken more than one m*R.N.A va*ccine or have taken one va*ccine and the recent flu shot. If you have taken this substance and have health concerns and/or noticed that you feel disconnected, lost, confused, like you have fallen "off track", negative energies, depressed, numb and just "different" than before this is the session for you. If you once felt very connected to your higher guidance (God/Higher Self/Source or spirit guides) and no longer feel that sense of connection, then this session is for you. Children and adolescents can automatically get this session because the choice was made for them. This is different for adults who need to first acknowledge for themselves how fear and societal/governmental programming has driven them to make these decisions.

**This cannot be purchased for an adult relative that still lives in fear programming through coercion because we must respect their decisions and free will choices whether we agree with them or not.

In this session, I will be removing the Crown Chakra block causing the disconnection from your higher guidance as well as repairing your DNA back to your original sequencing.

This is a series of sessions purchased as a package. This is not available for single session purchases because all sessions must be done for the reconnection to take place, and it must be done weekly until all sessions are complete. Please schedule your first session on the calendar and all remaining sessions will be scheduled once a week during our discussion.

If you took 2 shots or 1 shot and the 2023 flu shot:


This Package includes:

  • Five 45 min sessions with

  • Three 15 min discussions after the 1st. 3rd and 5th session to check in on how you are progressing

If you took 3 or more shots or 2 or more shots and the 2023 flu shot:


This Package includes: 

  • Eight 45 min sessions

  • Four 15 min discussions after the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th session to check in on how you are progressing

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