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Trauma Clearing & Somatic Release

Throughout our lives we store our unprocessed emotions and our traumas throughout the fascia in our body. The programming we have learned, the perceptions we have conditioned ourselves to believe are also stored throughout our energetic system. These blockages cause all types off illness, disease and dysfunction because negative emotions are stuck in one area blocking the life force from reaching certain organs. In addition, they cause all kinds of problems in our everyday lives and relationships. Lets say, for example, a new person comes into our lives and something they do or say matches a stored pattern from a past situation. It sets off a series of signals letting us know this new person is a threat and then we unconsciously go into a trauma response, even if the person is not an actual threat. These blockages also filter our experiences so that we repeatedly attract situations that cause us pain because they match the unconscious program or belief system we are running in the background. So, for example, if you have betrayal wounds, you will constantly attract people who betray you. If you have been abandoned, you will keep meeting people who abandon you. If you externalize your worth and believe your worth is in the way you look, you will keep attracting people that only want you for your body or your looks. This how this reality works because we are in a mirrored reality.  

This session is used to instruct the body and energy field to heal and release these stuck blockages. I access the multiple layers of the clients being (physical, mental, emotional/astral, causal, L-fields, T-Fields) to release these blocks from the body, bring the unconscious shadow to the conscious mind and repair the energy field. The information about each block is moved out of the unconscious to start the restructuring process, whereby the ego will then release this information to the conscious mind. 


This session is meant to be paired with the Trauma Identification Report. 

You can either:

  • Take this session together as a combo with the Trauma Identification Report. It is listed as a "Full Session" HERE. I will release specific blockages in the order in which they are grouped, making them easier to access and work on when you do shadow work afterward because they will already be pulled up in your consciousness.  

  • Or you can schedule the Trauma Identification Report Only and then book this session if you feel like you want a clearing and re-alignment after you have been working on the shadow work.

If you book this session and you do not know what blocks and traumas you have, please be advised that I will not tell you any of them in this session. 


*If you are a returning client of mine and just want to work on a new/current pop-up issue, please book one of the Mini Trauma Identification and Clearing Sessions.  If you are unsure which to book, send me a message and Ill ask your guidance and let you know.

Somatic Trauma Release Session


30 min session 

PLUS a 15min after session discussion 

Somatic Trauma Release Session


 1hour session 

PLUS a 15min after session discussion 

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