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Multi-Dimensional Chakra Alignment & Chakra Scan

Multi-Dimensional Healing is a vocal healing modality used where I instruct the body and energy field to release trauma, limiting beliefs and blockages and heal. I am given specific tones, frequencies and phrases to speak and sing into the body of my clients. With these tones and the claircognizant, clairvoyant, and clairaudient information given to me by the client's spirit guides, I am able to identify the location of each block and trauma in their body and energy field. I am also able to see what the block is and if it is from this lifetime or another. I access multiple dimensions of the clients being to release these blocks, bring the subconscious shadow to the conscious mind and repair the energy field. The information about each block is placed within the subconscious mind to start the restructuring process, whereby the ego will then release this information to the conscious mind. Frequencies are also suggested to each client to better assist with working through each block. A combination of Multi-Dimensional Healing, Reiki, and Karuna Reiki are all used in this session. 

Purpose of this session:

This session is for: 

  • identifying traumas, old programs and perceptions that are blocking your growth in life

  • balancing and realigning your chakras and removing blocks

  • balancing flow of prana/chi in the body

  • reducing depression

  • assisting in spiritual awakening process

  • lessening physical pain

  • helping to understand fears, anxiety and panic attacks

  • getting clarity

  • help with seeking or needing approval of others,

  • help with self-worth and confidence

  • help with self-love and being critical of oneself

$135/ 1hour 10min session + 20min after session discussion 

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