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Soul Evolution Session

Image by The Cleveland Museum of Art

This reading is for individuals who are consciously aware that they are on an evolutionary journey; individuals that have been working on their shadow work/trauma work. Prior to this, you would still be living in a heavy state of duality and polarization and mostly controlled by a false ego/persona because of traumas, old programming, and distorted perceptions of self and others. This is not an ideal state of consciousness to be in when getting this session because you cant see yourself or your path clearly when you have distortions in your energy body and mind. If you have not yet worked through your traumas, I suggest booking my trauma identification services first.

The Trauma Identification Session focuses on trauma blockages, 3D level perceptual blockages and limiting beliefs (ie. self-worth issues, externalizing your worth, abandonment wounds, trust issues, etc). The exception is if you had a consultation with me and I told you that your higher guidance wants you to get this first. This may happen because I do cover soul guidance related to your career path in this reading and sometimes the client needs to hear it at this particular phase in their life. If you feel called to do this session and have not yet done worked through your programming and traumas, please book a free consultation and I will ask your guidance for you to make sure this is the session for you.

 This session is focused on the development and purification of the personality (aka the Healthy Ego or "lesser self") in order to align with the Soul (personal Higher "Self") and the collective Higher Self of Humanity as an entity. To do this, I will also be addressing any perceptual distortions or programming that may have been affecting how you interpret your reality. This may include outdated religious paradigms and societal programming and even spiritual narratives that you have picked up on your journey that no longer serve you.

We are all at different stages of evolution on different paths altogether, therefore this session is personalized to identify YOUR specific paradigm, where YOU are in your journey and what YOU specifically need to know to get to your next steps based on the guidance and information from YOUR higher guidance. This session is NOT blanket-style woo-woo "ascension" information about the dimensional space you are in or any impositions from my personal beliefs of what you need to learn or know to evolve. We are all on this journey as aspects of ONE evolving human entity, but not everyone is awakened to this yet and not everyone has the same evolutionary direction. This means that we are NOT all destined to move into what the New Age community terms "5D" or "New Earth". Some of us have been doing the difficult inner work necessary, while others have been in a state of denial and cognitive dissonance believing that no work on themselves needs to be done and the problems are in the external world. That said, I created this session to focus on where you are now in frequency (dimension) and what outdated beliefs, paradigms, and distorted perceptions are blocking your spiritual expansion. We all know there is a lot of distortion within the spiritual community. This distortion is a mirror to the distortions that still exist within the collective and within the individual. We all attract that which we are a match to in vibration and in frequency, which means if there are distortions within us, we will attract to ourselves distorted information OR true information that we perceive in a distorted way. This leads to further confusion.

In this session, I will be looking at the frequency on which you entered into this incarnation, your level of integration and where you are currently on the path of ego purification, soul connection and initiation. I will also be looking at what is blocking you from reaching the next stage of integration/understanding your evolutionary journey and if you are in the most aligned field of work. I will be looking at your level of spiritual comprehension separate from the frequency you are currently predominantly resonating on and how your soul wants you to express itself/yourself in this lifetime.

This Session covers but not limited to:

  • Your Esoteric Rays, Planetary Expression, Zodiacal Expression

  • Your Soul Ray Type and how you are meant to express it as a Personality/Ego in this lifetime

  • Type of Evolutionary Path

  • Your Current Level of Soul Connection/Alignment

  • Progress with Individuation/Ego Development over many lifetimes and whether you are capable of freeing yourself and moving on to your next stage of evolutionary growth

  • Stage of the path (Probation, Discipleship, Initiate (& Level of Initiation)

  • Polarity Balance: Sun/Moon. Masculine/Feminine Balance and Embodiment

  • Chakra Alignment and Status/Health

  • Number of Spirit Guides

  • Whether your soul path was pre-destined or open

  • How Many lifetimes you've been working on Individuation

  • Blocks to Progress on your evolutionary Journey

  • Possible Lessons you may be missing or need to focus on


I will be compiling all your information prior to your session and then we have a discussion over the phone. Please have a notebook and a pen ready. I will be giving you a lot of information


Soul Evolution Reading
 1.5-2-hour discussion

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