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Shadow Work Tarot Readings

My Shadow Work Tarot Readings are a great way to gain insight on areas of your life such as money, career direction, love, family issues, current and past relationships, health and your spiritual path. I offer a general tarot reading which covers up to for areas that can be catered to your needs, or you can choose a specified area of interest. I will delve into underlying problems, advice, and what you should focus on moving forward. These are very honest straightforward readings. Sometimes it turns out to match what you want to hear and other times it is an honest review of where improvements need to be made. Whatever the case know the guidance comes from the Creator and will always be what you need. 

If you would like more than guidance and would like to identify and remove underlying issues related to:

  •  why you choose certain partners

  •  why you are not able to attract abundance into your life

  •  limiting belief blocking you from living your best life

  • why you feel stuck and lost

Then please schedule a Multi-Dimensional Healing Session or Multi-Dimension Chakra Balance with me.

Unconscious Mind Tarot & Oracle Spread

$100 / 1 Hour Phone Reading

This Spread is for:

  • Discovering the shadow aspects and blind spots in a situation

  • Shadow work such as:

  •  why you are struggling in your career

  •  why you chose toxic partners

  •  why a situation didn't work out how you would have liked.

  • Discovering where you are getting stuck on your spiritual path

  • General reading covering the four areas of Health, Relationships, Spiritual path, and Career/Finance.

  • Specific Readings. Please choose one or two areas if a general four area reading is not what you want. 

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Spiritual Path Tarot & Oracle Spread

$75 / 45min Phone Reading

This Spread is for:

  • Clarity and guidance on your current path 

  • What are you not seeing or understanding?

  • Why are you stuck in a rut?

  • Do you feel lost or disconnected?

  • Is there any inner work you could be doing to help your connection?

  • Where are you out of balance or have veered off track?

  • What lessons did you get stuck on?

  • Is a particular spiritual path in alignment with what you came here to experience?



Cloud with Silver Lining

Money /Career Tarot & Oracle Spread

$75 / 45min Phone Reading

Money/ Abundance Reading

Career/Entrepreneur Reading

This Spread is for:

  • Clarity and guidance for your current or future career or business venture

  • Determining if you are in the right career

  • Should you leave your job?

  • Get information on your money situation, what is blocking your abundance, or if a business move will be fruitful

  • Specific Readings : Please choose Money & Abundance, Career, or Entrepreneurship.



Relationship Tarot & Oracle Spread

$75 / 45min Phone Reading

This Spread is for:

  • Clarity and guidance in your current or future relationship situations.

  • Gaining clarity on what you don't see or understand about the relationship.

  • What lessons are you supposed to learn about a relationship

  • Is this person meant to be in your life long-term or just for a season?



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