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 Spiritual Services & Guidance

Have you felt confused about some spiritual concepts and needed guidance?

Not quite sure why you have not yet reached the "New Earth" even though you have been working on your traumas?

Or maybe you are trying to figure out your purpose in this life and are unsure what unique gifts, talents and abilities you received from ancestors or brought in from past lives (and maybe even mastered), that support you in becoming who you are trying to become.

In this section, you will find personalized services focused on healing generational trauma, providing insight on your soul's journey, and figuring out where you are stuck in outdated belief systems, programming, and distorted spiritual information. And why.

(If you have not yet worked through your trauma patterns, please book the Multi-Dimensional Healing Session)

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Soul Evolution Reading
& Guidance

This session is for discovering where you are now in your stage of spiritual comprehension and in frequency (dimension), and what outdated beliefs, paradigms, and distorted perceptions are blocking your spiritual expansion. The session is to assist you in finding the clarity necessary to get to the next stage in your spiritual journey.


Past Life & Ancestral Gifts
DNA Reading 

Gifts, talents​, abilities from past lives and your familial ancestry, passed down accessible wisdom where you were dimensionally prior to this lifetime, if you reached individuality/cohesion, and more.




Generational & Ancestral Trauma
DNA Clearing Session

This session is for clearing and understanding trauma programs and distorted behavioral patterns that you inherited through your earthly lineage in this incarnation. This will include information from both your matrilineal and patrilineal lineages.

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