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Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring is helpful one-on-one tailored guidance on your spiritual journey. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to awakening, and learning a set curriculum of spiritual information doesn't always apply to what is going on right now in a person's life.  Mentoring helps a client to formulate their own answers to life's questions by assisting them in shifting their perceptions so they can develop more effective techniques for healing and addressing lifes challenges.  I decided to offer this as a way of working together to determine where you are on your journey, what steps you can take to get to the next stage in your awakening, and how to confront the ego and integrate the shadow aspects your ego is protecting you from seeing.   You can use this session to ask any spiritual questions about reality and manifestation, to talk about the challenges you are facing personally or any of the topics listed below.​

 If you purchase this together with a reiki session it is at a discounted rate. ​Speak to you soon!​

What is Spiritual Mentoring for?

Guidance during your spiritual path or through difficult life challenges such as:

  • healing CPTSD

  • understanding trauma responses

  • battles with the ego self

  • overcoming addictions

  • inherent versus externalized self-worth

  • breaking bonds with toxic partners and habits

  • attracting narcissists/savior and martyr programs

  • trusting oneself

  • understanding the motivations behind one's actions

  • shadow work and challenges on your healing path

  • attachment/detachment issues

  • limiting belief systems

  • boundary issues 

$90 for 1 hour

$50 Spiritual Mentoring 1 hour add-on is available as a combo when purchasing a session

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