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Soul/Memory Retrieval 

This session is for the retrieval and integration of previous versions of self that have fragmented due to trauma in this life such as during childhood or previous lives. If you have missing memories from periods of your life and suspect that something traumatic may have happened then this is for you. This is very important for an evolving soul but please note that you will regain memories of traumatic experiences that you had blocked out.  This is not the same as PARTS work. With PARTS, you are currently aware of and affected by these unintegrated parts of yourself. This may look like, for example, a wounded child that reacts in an immature way, procrastinating or self-sabotage, protector parts, or a wounded feminine that does not allow you to feel vulnerable and you feel like you have to do everything on your own, overwork yourself and need to be in control. This is different from a fragmented Soul, in which case, you would have no memories and not be affected by the trauma you endured. You would feel as if an aspect of you is missing or a feel a sense of emptiness and/or periods of time in your life would be lost. For Parts Identification, PARTS Retrieval, or PARTS Integration please go to my PARTS Work Services.
***I highly suggest you do trauma work for all known issues and make sure you feel stable, secure and safe emotionally and psychologically prior to doing a Soul Retrieval. In some cases what caused you to fracture was extremely traumatic and the retrieved aspect of yourself will need much care and a safe environment to come back to. You may deal with painful emotions you've never felt before and memories of events that have been completely blocked out. In other cases, you may have a more matured perspective at this point, and what caused the fracture is not what you as an adult would perceive as "traumatic". In both cases, care, support and comfort to the retrieved fragment is still necessary. 
If you want help to understand the other traumas, programs, limiting beliefs and distorted perceptions you need to work through prior to this session, please book a Multidimensional Healing Session. If you do not know if you have unintegrated PARTS or Soul fragmentation, I will let you know in the MDH session.

 Shadow work, Brainspotting Brain-Body Therapy, or other forms of Trauma Therapy/Coaching and Somatic Trauma therapy is often needed after a Soul Retrieval Session depending on the severity of the trauma.
I offer Brainspotting Trauma Therapy on my website.

Soul Retrieval Session

This session includes a 30min post session discussion to discuss what was done, and what was experienced. You can also book a free 15min consultation or leave me a message below in the chat box and I will get back to you if you have questions.

1 hour session
plus 30 min discussion

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