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Shamanic Services

Soul Retrieval, Reconnection, Repair & Integration

This one-hour session is a more advanced healing session for karmic work, past life issues affecting your current experience, releasing aspects of the self hidden within the subconscious, cellular integration of previous versions of self that have split off in this life or previous lives, cellular repair, soul reconnection, blood repair, mental and emotional auric layer repair.
This session is not intended as a first session with me. This session is for specialized work after we have determined what issues are actually present after the Multidimensional Healing Session. This session includes a 20min post session discussion to discuss what was done, and what was experienced. For longer discussions please schedule a Spiritual Mentoring Session Add-On.

$111/1 hour session plus 20 min discussion

Curse Removal-from Black & Blood Magic Spells and Rituals

This service is for very specific cases. Most people are not affected by serious curses but are told that they are by street psychics that want to take their money. In the occasion that you do have an actual curse placed on you or love magic spell, please contact me first by chat or email explaining the situation BEFORE booking a session so I can see if that is really the issue. Most cases are really entities in your field, unresolved childhood traumas and aspects of the shadow self-sabotaging your progress in life for which you should schedule a Multi-Dimensional Healing Session. Thank you.
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