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Shadow Work
and the Art of Transmutation

What is it and how does it relate to what I'm going through?

Shadow work is the process of discovering, acknowledging and accepting the hidden parts of our personality. Our ego is the gatekeeper that determines whether it would be safe for us to see what is in our shadow, because its job is to maintain our ideal persona and protect us from anything that can cause us pain. It goes so far as to protect us from not only seeing ourselves, but creating a type of cognitive dissonance with our reality to maintain the foundation on which our persona was built. It can then manifest as a host of negative feelings and emotions, unhealthy self-defeating, self-destructive behaviors, disease in the body and attracting toxic relationships. This only further leads to discomfort, depression, obtrusive thoughts and addictions that can be quite debilitating to the body and psyche.

When we decide to embark on the path of returning back to ourselves this is an alchemical process of transmutation called The Great Work... to liberate us from the chains that bind us. Most people are living a life inauthentic to their soul's true wants and desires, dimming their light to fit into societal standards and familial expectations or denying that we even want certain things in life for fear of never having it. The transmutation is from this inauthentic self to one that is the embodiment of your own unique light you are here to express.


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