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Remote Healing/Astral Healing

An Astral healing session is the same as if you were in person, but you are able to do it in the comfort of your home. In person, a Multi-Dimensional Healing session can be quite loud. I use ancient Tibetan mantras and toned frequencies in my sessions so for relaxation purposes I provide calming music for my clients to listen to instead of listening to me.  While you lay down comfortably in your home and listen to meditation music, I'll be here on my secluded land, in nature, putting on a whole vocal performance for my wild animal cohabitants. :) 
Depending on how sensitive you are to energy, you may feel tingles, pulling, vibrations, or even experience visions and have memories resurface. Some of my clients who are more clairvoyant see me working on them as well. No two people are the same so this is just a general description of what some clients experience. 

What is a session like?

To know more about HOW remote healing and remote viewing works, you will need to have an understanding of the layers of the human body, quantum physics and the quantum field. This is a unified field we all project into personally, as well as share in collectively. Knowing how to transverse it allows us to bypass the illusory constraints of distance in the 3d realm.  Bypassing it with our consciousness to gain information can be done by Remote viewing or Astral travelling. Having enough control to manipulate energy for the purpose of healing or performing surgery while in the astral is a psychic ability that takes much practice, training and fine tuning.  This ability is called Remote Healing or Astral Healing. To transverse time/space(=distance) while in the physical body is another ability called bilocation, which is also possible and can be studied in quantum physics.
(I will cover this topic in detail in a video/podcast in the near future.)
Human beings are electromagnetic in nature and contain many layers of their being. Since distance is a 3rd dimensional construct but humans are multi-dimensional, interacting with and physically touching the 3d physical body is not the only way to heal it. Therefore, by understanding the parameters of the quantum field, the construct of distance can be bypassed, and there is no change in the effectiveness of the session or the specificity of information gathered.

How Does it work?

While the human eyes can perceive the physical attributes of the world, some people have tuned their senses to perceive its etheric and astral components as well. For every organ and every emotion or block there is the energetic signature in the etheric that can be perceived, manipulated and healed.  Remote viewers can not only see this signature and field but can gather information about the health, size, color, condition, appearance and much more of its physical counterpart. These counterparts are not separate but are parts of the same whole. Skilled Remote Healers, such as I, can perform healing services at a distance anywhere in the world on the energetics of the body, mind and soul by tapping into the multiple layers (aka multi-dimensions) of the persons being. The etheric double of your body IS your body and its life force and energetics. The astral layers of your multi-dimensional body each correspond to a different aspect of your being. They ARE the energetic counterpart reflecting your mental state, emotional state, soul memories, soul emotions and so on...not just from this lifetime but from all lifetimes. Depending on the skill of the healer, some or all of these layers can be accessed for not only information but also to heal wounds that you carry in this lifetime and from lifetime to lifetime. Consequently, any remote work done on one part of the human being will affect all aspects of the human being (physical included). 

Why Does it work?

Some healers can access only the physical, like western medicine doctors, and do not understand its multiple layers or the "multi-dimensionality" of a human being. Other practitioners can tap into not only the physical aspects but also the meridian channels, energy centers (vortexes) and etheric body. Reiki practitioners work on the layer of the etheric body to make changes its physical, emotional and mental aspects. I am a multi-dimensional practitioner. I access the meridian channels, chakra, etheric body, mental body, emotional body, auric layer and further layers of the multi-dimensional body from the 4th to 7th layers to access soul level information, past lives, past trauma and karmic patterns and debts when it applies. When you schedule a Reiki session I will perform Reiki. When you schedule a Karuna Session, I will use Karuna Reiki and Traditional Reiki. When you schedule a Multi-Dimensional Healing Session, I will use a multi-modal approach to gather information and heal all layers of your being and soul.



Some individuals with psychic abilities may be able to access information about these fields BUT they CANNOT perform and healing for the individual on these layers. They can only perceive them. A person must be very careful with who they follow or listen to, and the information given by these practitioners and channelers because while a person can be born with a psychic ability or develop it later in life it does not mean that they have any control of their abilities or the training and skill to know where they are getting their information. A lot of people claiming to be psychic have VERY undeveloped abilities and their ego makes them believe that they can give people advice or diagnose them...personal or collective. This is because they have not yet done the inner work necessary to bring their unconscious self-worth and traumas to the surface. Therefore, when they tap into astral realms, they attract beings of similar vibration to the negative aspects in their unhealed shadow and do not get accurate information. Also, they have filters on reality based on their own programming that has not yet been dismantled. Consequently, they pass all incoming information through these filters and the information they receive is tainted by their own limited beliefs. 

Please be careful not to listen to anyone that creates fear in you telling you that you have a demon or curse or anything of the sort. There is no fear in love. While demons and curses do exist, it is very few and far between to come across someone affected by one on a regular everyday normal person. On the occasion that this is the case, removal is very intricate psychic surgery and should not be attempted by and untrained individual. I perform these services as well upon request.

What is the difference between different energy healing modalities?

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