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Choose Your Reiki Class

Below you will find the Reiki classes I offer. Classes must be done in order. 1-on-1 classes with flexible scheduling. Day and night classes available.

  • Best Value

    HFReiki Combo I & II

    Holy Fire III and Usui Reiki I&II Combo
    Valid for 3 months
    • Seven 1-1 training classes + 30min final exam
    • Two Holy Fire III Attunements (Placements)
    • Two Traditional Usui Attunements
    • Holy Fire III Reiki II Practitioner Certification
    • Traditional Usui Reiki II Certification
    • Chakra Balance training and information
    • Advanced Healing Techniques
  • HF Reiki III Master

    Holy Fire III Reiki Master Class
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3-Day Master Class
    • Holy Fire III Reiki Master Attunement
    • Holy Fire III Reiki Master Certificate
    • Holy Fire II IReiki Master Manual Hard Copy
    • Usui Reiki Master Certificate for Reiki I & IICombo Students
    • Usui Master Attunement for Reiki I & II Combo Students
  • Holy Fire III Karuna

    Holy Fire III Karuna Master Certification 3 -6 hour classes
    Valid for 3 months
    • Holy Fire III Karuna Master Certification
    • Attunement to Holy Fire III Karuna I and Karuna Master
    • Holy Fire III Karuna Training Manual
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