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Reiki Chakra Balance & Alignment

This Reiki Chakra Balance and Re-Alignment is a focused Reiki session on the chakra system for the purpose of re-alignment and unblocking the chakras.
The chakras are energy centers/vortexes that correspond and move direct Chi/Prana to different organs and layers of the auric field. Like a prism, your body is made up of all colors. Each chakra corresponds to a unique frequency and when they are blocked, you can exhibit certain symptoms. These symptoms can be physical emotional, psychological, behavioral or personality changes. Unblocking and re-aligning these energy centers is imperative to good health and to reconnect with your true self. For more information on signs of chakra blockages I will be writing an article on each chakra in my blog.
This session includes a 45min Reiki Chakra Balance session plus a 15min after session discussion.  This session does not include an Energy body scan. For new clients who have never had energy work done, I suggest a more thorough session like the Multi-Dimensional Healing Session or the Multi-Dimensional Chakra Balance so that your blocks can be identified and explained to you.


The purpose of this session is:

  • to re-align and rebalance your chakras

  • remove any chakra blockages

  • help move a client's life force (chi/prana) through their channels for better physical, emotional and mental health

  • Assist in a client's spiritual awakening and Kundalini awakening

  • Facilitate a better connection to the client's guides and soul plan


45min session + 15 min discussion

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