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Handmade Reiki Charged Customized Healing Bracelets!

All Real Crystals/Gemstones!

Order an 8mm Customized Healing Bracelet!

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Do you have Birthday coming up?​

Want to buy a family member or friend a gift of healing?

Tired of carrying your crystals in your pocket or your bra?

Have a physical ailment/ illness or emotional issue you want to treat with crystal therapy?

Need an easy way to protect yourself throughout the day from negative people and energy?

Would you like a  bracelet for your zodiac sign? Sun & Moon Sign?

Wanting  to connect to your  Spirit Guides, Increase Psychic Abilities, Astral Travel?

Bracelet Customization Form

Give the gift of health and happiness

Do NOT Pay for the Bracelet yet!! Let me review your order and I will contact you with suggestions in one or more price ranges.

All Bracelets are either $18, $25, 0r $30 depending on the type of crystals used.