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My Journey

I had a rocky start. I have been psychic since the age of 4, able to see spirits and angels and other celestial beings. By 12 I was astral projecting and talking to interdimensional beings. Then came telepathy, and a bunch of other abilities I had no control over  that freaked me out. My mom tried to help but I came from a background of Catholicism and there wasn't really any preparation and only fear around these topics. It took me a long time to embrace my path and actually decide to accept it as my purpose in life.

Previously, I went to John Hopkins University and studied neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychology. I also did my internship work at Kennedy Krieger in pediatric neurology. I had a love for neuroscience, psychology and physics but I could not see myself pursuing any of the options I saw as careers at the time because I did not agree with the corruption within the pharmaceutical industry and allopathic medicine. I continued to ignore my God given abilities but furthered my knowledge in fields that interested me such as quantum physics, herbalism, neuroscience, psychology, theology, philosophy and esoteric study. One day after a series of deaths and almost losing my life getting hit by a drunk driver at 80mph, my life came to a halt. My abilities were out of control, and I was seeing and hearing my deceased loved ones speaking to me (as well as other spirits which were stuck on earth) and I just couldn't handle it. So, I started to meditate to ground myself.  These experiences really made me sit back and wonder where people go when they cross over. I was seeing and speaking to their soul but where were they and what was the process one goes through after leaving this plane? This curiosity sparked passion in me to fine tune my own abilities. I heard (clairaudiently) a voice offering me a choice to continue on the current career trajectory, and I'd be very successful in my business endeavors, or give it all up to be in service of others.  I decided to be in service not knowing what that entailed. That gave me direction and purpose that made me feel like a contributing member of society. Unknowingly, Spirit was taking me on a long journey of developing blind faith, compassion, empathy, generosity, selfless service and soul embodiment. I was taken over by Christos energy and felt overwhelming unconditional love and joy for the first time. Not the same love that is here on earth. This is really when the Great Work began. I ended up letting go of everything I had attachments to... people, places, material items, labels, ideas, all comfortability and everything that made me feel safe, successful and stable. I learned to only follow God, the Christ within...that only God/Spirit is the source of my stability, protection and safety. I learned to follow blindly what I was instructed to do because as my avatar I couldn't possibly see all the next steps until I became the full embodiment of my own higher aspect. I learned not only to allow myself to be guided and release all illusions of control, but also to develop unshakable trust and faith in my guidance.

(Not easy at all by the way!)

Looking back, I realize that there was a lot of ego and illusion attached to my decision to follow the path originally, however righteous I may have thought I was. This was Martyr syndrome from self-worth issues hidden in my subconscious at its finest. There was so much deep-seated programming I had to unravel that only constant cycles of death and rebirth, inner transformation, would heal me. But little did I know none of those were the full TRANSMUTATION. It was many years of purification by fire, and it hurt like hell.  I became aware of how I was responsible for creating the mess I called my reality because I was mirroring externally what was happening internally, including my shadow aspects.  After this process, I died and was returned. Not just a metaphorical death but I actually died and was brought back with a cosmic level of awareness.  Needless to say, after these events I developed a deeper understanding of human existence and reality that I just could not have understood without personally experiencing it myself.  But having this knowledge didn't translate to wisdom until much later. I still had to go through the testing and application phase of the process by observing the world and how it worked by learning and experimentation. This took about 6 more years.

Then came my second birth. This was the death of the false ego and birth of my true individuated self. It wasn't until I finally had nothing left in my shadow... nothing left for my ego to protect, that I could see my true self and the world clearly without projecting onto it my inner wounding and programs. Funny that I thought the journey was about saving and helping others when I was really on a journey to save myself. I had no idea how lost I was until I had a glimpse of my own essence. That is when I was actually reborn from my own ashes...because believe me there was literally nothing left but ashes by that point. This is when Krishna consciousness came in. My passion for life, my creativity, my love for myself, my childlike wonder and curiosity...everything came back. I had clear vision. It was like meeting myself for the first time. This is the first real time I felt utter gratitude for my journey...gratitude for the challenges, lessons, setbacks, my gifts, my life, my breath, and my existence. Being able to unconditionally love everyone and everything including myself as is. No matter what normal life challenges I faced after that, I had an internal peace and calm and internal knowing that could not be shaken. Like forged steel. The Excalibur.


Now I live in my purpose, assisting others when they embark on the journey back to themselves. I use my Trauma Training, psychology and neuroscience background and psychic abilities to help people reconnect with who they are and who they came to be by removing the programming and blocks clouding their perception. I identify deeply held trauma programs in the unconscious, so they have a starting point instead of going into the healing journey completely blind. I use my abilities to read my client's field during the session to identify the causes of their issues or past trauma, identify blockages in the meridians, chakras and energy fields, check the health of your flow of Chi (life force), talk to their spirit guides to figure out what is going on and what healing they need to move forward, connect to their soul to figure out why the blockages are there, and identify soul fragments from childhood trauma that may have split off to protect them from those memories. 

My life is dedicated to bringing people back to themselves.

 To keep my energy pure/clean. I do not ingest any substances or drugs, I do not drink alcohol, I do not watch any forms of "entertainment" or participate in worldly affairs at all. I eat a fruitarian diet which also includes nuts and seeds. I also live remotely in the woods. My clean lifestyle choices are a reflection of my integrity as a master energy worker. This is to insure clarity in the energy transmission as well as respect for the energy field of my clients as well as my own.

All of my sessions are performed remotely at this time. You do not need to leave your home because I will come to you in the astral. I offer my healing services worldwide and currently have clients in 14 countries. (Note though that if you do not speak English a translator will be needed, or I can write out your session results for you and you can use google to translate it). 

There is no "one size fits all" way of approaching your spiritual path. Many of us take crazy twists and turns that put us exactly where we need to be, and no one other than our Higher Self and God/Source/Spirit knows exactly how that will play out.  One of those twists led you here to me and I am grateful for the opportunity to provide my services as a support to you along your journey.


This is a no judgement zone. God took me through every walk of life to get here so that I could see myself in others and others in me.

We are all in this together.

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