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Multi-Dimensional Body Scan: Trauma & Blockage Identification

Body Scan

 I will identify where your blocks are located and what they are. These are blocks in perception, old programs you are running and traumas that get lodged in your energy field and can cause not only changes in your personality but also block the life force energy from reaching your organs leading to dis-ease and dysfunction. The purpose of offering these scans is to give insight on what you are struggling with and how it has been affecting your mind, body and life. This can be old resentments, traumas from childhood, limiting beliefs about ourself or society, and pain from living for others and not being authentic to our needs. This is included in the Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions I offer but I am offering it here separately for those that would like to know what is causing their discomfort prior to booking a session.  If you are interested in energy work to address these issues we can discuss which service is best to book after your scan.

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This Scan includes:

  • 8 chakra scan- blocks, programs
  • Energy grid scan- For Childhood Trauma

  • scan for soul fragmentation-looking for possible soul loss

  • scan for elemental imbalances

  • Auric Field Scan - mental and emotional bodies, for disconnection, debris and holes in the aura 

$45/ 30 min scan 20 min discussion

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