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Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions

Speed up your healing process and shadow work and find out what has been stuck in your unconscious mind and body... blocking your happiness, your abundance, the ability to attract a healthy relationship and live a fulfilling life!
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Multidimensional Healing Full Session

This session includes a full scan to identify  your programs, limiting beliefs and identify long held trauma within the mind and body, perception shifting and neurological/synaptic restructuring, removal of blocks, chakra balance and alignment and energy restoration... PLUS elemental balance, auric clearing and repair and removing any attachments and thought forms.


**Recommended for all new clients as a first session because it is the most comprehensive.


Exception: For Children and Adolescents please book corresponding session under  Children/Adolescent Services

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Chakra Alignment& Scan

These sessions are "mini" or shorter MDH sessions just focused on the Chakra system for those that feel like they are out of balance due to recent events or find themselves feeling stuck or blocked while trying to process and understand whatever they may be going through at the moment.

Please do not book these sessions as your first session with me unless you have previously done energy work and are already fully aware of some of your trauma patterns.
These sessions are just not long enough for me to start from scratch and scan you for a lifetime of trauma patterns. The discussion times are much shorter for these sessions as well so there is not enough time to explain all the patterns to you. This is for people who have worked with me in the past and have new pop-up issues that have arisen in day-to-day life, or for those who may never have worked with me but are further into their healing journey.
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Multidimensional Healing Extension Session

This session is a continuation of the Multidimensional Healing Session for those clients that have a few more blocks that need to be worked on that could not be removed in their first session. If it has been more than three months since your last session, many life changes have probably taken place and there may be newer blockages requiring a scan again. In this case please book the Multi-Dimensional Chakra Balance because there is no scan included in this session.

For New Clients, please do not book this as your first session.
This session does not include a scan. In this session, I will work on my clients based on their scan from the Multidimensional Healing Session they had with me previously.
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