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Reiki Treatment

Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Session 

Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated as "compassionate action." Karuna Reiki is perfect for people who have been struggling to get past old relationship wounds, childhood traumas, self-worth issues, emotional pain, psychological pain, and other related issues. Sometimes we are aware of a problem but are not able to let the pain from a past experience go or learn the lesson from that experience. I suggest a Multi-Dimensional Healing Session if the cause of the distress is unknown, if you are not fully aware of how these events have shaped your personality and would like to know, or when you haven't yet realized the lessons you are being called to realize from these experiences. 
In this Karuna Reiki session, I will combine Usui Tibetan Reiki with Holy Fire Karuna Reiki to work help clients heal from trauma and emotional imbalance. This session includes removal of blockages but does not include the identification of each blockage. If you would like to know which blocks you have, please book a Multi-Dimensional Healing Session HERE. Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions include Karuna Reiki as well.

This Session includes:

This includes an energy body scan, chakra balancing, psychic/intuitive healing, removal of blocks in the meridians, thought form removal and chanting/toning for the purpose of assisting with:
  • specific mental, emotional, and physical issues, 
  • healing past life trauma affecting this lifetime, 
  • healing childhood trauma,
  • gaining clarity to realize one's goals and purpose,
  • healing addictions, 
  • lessening physical pain,
  • helping to understand relationship issues and developing better communication
  • healing repeating cycles of pain associated with friendships and romantic relationships,
  • helping with focus, confidence, learning and creativity,
  • developing better habits and healing unconscious patterns, 
  • healing the shadow self,
  • healing physical abuse,
  • healing nightmares and insomnia, 
  • helping to understand and release fears, anxiety, and panic attacks, 
  • helping you to take your power back and regain control of your life and reality.


1 hour session

PLUS a 20 minute after session discussion 

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