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Jinlap Maitri Elemental Balancing

Jinlap Maitri Tibetan Reiki is a modern version of a Sacred Tibetan Healing System founded by Lama Gompo Testen. During a session, powerful tantric energies are used in the form of color, form, mantra and sacred symbol for auric clearing, meridian balancing, and elemental balancing. 

Purpose of a Jinlap Maitri Elemental Balancing Session

This session includes auric balancing, elemental balancing and meridian clearing. It is included in the Multidimensional Healing Session but can be purchased separately here. This session is for issues such as:

  •  aggression

  • lack of clarity

  • brain fog

  • inability to concentrate or focus

  • not feeling grounded

  • emotional imbalance

  • apathy and depression

  • problems organizing your thoughts

  • fatigue

  • low energy

  • clumsiness

  • making your ideas tangible

$65/ 45min session plus 15 min discussion

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