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Curse Removal & Black Magic Related Issues

How do curses happen?

Magic is magic. Like knowledge, its use depends on the person using it and their intentions. Energy exists everywhere and can be harnessed and given instruction for any intended use by our thoughts and intentions. When constant thought intention and directed energy is placed on a specific type of energy it takes form. It is intelligent. 

In this human experience linear time is a necessary illusion to maintain order. That being said, as one chooses to incarnate into a human experience they share in common collective experiences as well as the reality they create as an individual awareness within the greater collective mind. Over "time" there has been many egregores created by the repeated energy toward certain thoughts. These egregores are collections of energy that represent particular emotions, thoughts, people, or archetypal forces. 

 Black magic or dark magic is the use of some of these energies for a negative purpose. Black magic is used to help or hook others by performing certain rituals, animal or human entity sacrifice, paranormal activities, by controlling spirits & force, that evil spirits to fulfill their commands, bewitchment, tantric kriyas, tantra mantra, tantra puja, etc. Mainly it becomes black when it is intended to violate another persons free will or impede on their chosen life experience because the magician or sorcerer believes that their will is more important than that of the other individual. Ego.

 It is generally used by unhappy, vengeful, spiteful, malicious people for malevolent acts. People use pins and needles, lemon, hair, blood, urine, nail clippings, voodoo dolls, cursed spells, skulls and bones, unwashed clothes, etc. in black magic.


Curses happen under which circumstances?

With the increase of frustration, jealousness, greed, selfishness, and inability to accept other’s happiness in people, the usage of black magic has become most common for the completion of evil desires. Nowadays, people are simply jealous of other’s success in personal or professional life. They think more about letting other people down rather than their own success.

People want success in life at any cost. These people aren't always some advanced dark priest or magician. Usually they are everyday unsuspecting people.

People do it to make someone fall in love with them.

A lady who is a mother-in-law does black magic on her daughter-in-law or son to control. A wife does it on her husband to control him and detach him from his mother and vice-versa.

For the settlement of legal cases pending for long. Cult leaders use it to further their own financial gain or following. Coworkers use it to take your position from you. Ex-lovers use it to prevent their exes from finding happiness and love in the future. 

There are many reasons why these people chose to engage in such acts but WHY it works on YOU IS ONLY for three reasons. These reasons will be discussed in the coaching session that comes with your session. This is why I packaged them together. So that I can help you attain the necessary understanding of WHY this was ever able to happen in the first place and how to prevent it from happening in the future. 

Three Part
Curse Removal Package

Part 1: 

1.5 hour session

  • curse or black magic binding removal

  • thought form removal

  • entity & parasite removal

Package Cost:


Value if Purchased Separately:  $395

Part 2:

1 hour Spiritual Mentoring Session

  • Discussion on WHY these curses can happen.

  • Discussion on prevention from future occurences

Part 3:

1 Hour Session

  • chakra clearing & rebalancing

  • elemental clearing of the meridians and energetic pathways. 

  • Aura clearing of Mental and Emotional auric layers

When you schedule your package it will be the first session with the mentoring session together for 2.5hours. The hour session will be scheduled by phone after that on a day and time that works for both of us. If you would like it all done in the same day please message me and let me know and I will see if the time slot afterward is available.

To Purchase Curse Removal Session Individually:

To Purchased any healing services individually please go to the Energy Healing services page

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