Courses & Workshops


Holy Fire III Reiki Training Classes

Are you interested in becoming a Holy Fire III Reiki Master or Karuna Reiki Master with the International Center for Reiki Training? Start here with me! I would Love To be your teacher. I offer 4 types of classes. Click below to learn more.


Color Elite Color Therapy

This is the study of Color (Chromotherapy) and how to apply color in the healing arena! This course makes it possible for you to become certified in color therapy. For beginner to advanced healers, this course covers an extensive background on chromotherapy, techniques, history, usage and applications incorporating color into daily life and therapeutic work. This is our approach to “rainbow healing”!


The Love Course

What’s Your Heart Telling You? Finding Love and Romance – The Workbook and Journal. Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. has published his newest work based on years of personal intimacy, clinical experience, counseling and client research on the ways to navigate love, sex, romance and relationships and for finding, coping and keeping love in your life!


Yin/Yang Gemstone Therapy Course

This brand new MASTER class teaches how to balance opposing energies with crystals. This course trains you in the art of crystal therapy while working in the worlds of Taoist Cosmology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui. Learn the secrets to how the Universe finds its equilibrium and gives you answers to greater life questions. Access the mysteries of love, happiness, protection, and more.


Crystal Light Crystal Therapy

This incredible course is our biggest and most popular course on the Internet! This BEST SELLER is the study of crystals and how to heal with earth’s most precious gems! The “Crystal Light” Crystal Therapy Course is a comprehensive study of crystal healing using many profound methods and unique applications. We also show how crystals work with other modalites in the energy medicine arena.


Crystal Ascension Reiki

This course is designed for any kind of healer or therapist. This course, will help to strengthen your practice with the synergistic marriage of both crystal healing and reiki energy while engaging your other senses through music, aromatic essential oils, gemstones, meditations, symbols and reiki charged techniques. Your learn each level of reiki and then how to apply the “crystal ascension” techniques together.


Learn Meditation/Get Certified

The Complete Meditation Certification Course certifies you in the school and art of meditation! Learn the secrets of how to meditate , learn imagery work, develop your connection to your inner spirit and then use them as healing tools, like “Mind Medicine” to connect mind and body, free yourself from pain, find that inner calm and bring your whole body into light and awareness!


Crystalline Angel

The Crystalline Angel Course is Andrew’s most ambitious and beloved certification course and workbook yet. Using crystals and metaphysical tools to encourage angels in your life, Andrew takes us on a healing journey using his unique ARK method. This crystal treatment is based on ancient symbology, historic (angelic) findings and the newest discoveries in the crystalline healing arena!


Crystal Medicine

A Clinical Approach to Healing Mind, Body, Spirit. This is the most complete and definitive guide to working with, understanding and healing through crystal medicine!  It is a continuation and the next level course from the “Crystal Light” Crystal Therapy Course and intensifies your understanding of over 75 mental, emotional and spiritual treatments on all three levels…mind, body & spirit.


Crystal Astrologer

Sourcing Astrological Answers Through Crystals. In this course we will utilize crystals for astrological exploration, divination, crystal remedies and many other uses. Throughout the centuries, crystals have been used for astrological insight, for their subtle nature, and the belief that they are linked to the vibrational powers of the cosmos. This course opens a path to your own astrological intuition.


Learn the Art/Teach Meditation

This options offers you BOTH The Complete Meditation Certification Course, as well as, The Complete Meditation Teacher Accreditation Course.Your first course of study offers the many forms and techniques used in meditation and the art of quieting the mind. The second course gives you all the tools you need to be an effective teacher. It offers you the opportunity to be a leader in your field.


Aromatherapy Certification Course

“Scent-ology” ~The Complete Aromatherapy Certification Course certifies you in the art of scent therapy! This is the most comprehensive and complete aromatherapy course you will ever experience! Certified by the National Association of Holistic Wellness, endorsed by Aromatherapy Times and utilized by some of the most renowned practitioners in the world… this is the course for you!

“Scent-ology” The Complete Aromatherapy Certification Course is built on the very foundation of plant life and the “essence” they produce. You will learn in depth history, plant based information, and herbal knowledge about the foundations of  aromatherapy. Attention is paid to how the oils work on not only a physical level, but a mind-spirit approach as well. The blending, formulating, and creating of essential oil remedies will help you enhance your energy and remain present while giving healing sessions.

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"Crystal Clear" Divination

This is Andrew’s popular workbook, utilizing crystals for divination purposes! Andrew includes in this workbook such divining tools as crystal grids, pendulum work and techniques, crystal, color and aura divination, feng shui interpretations, crystal scrying and sacred symbols, crystals and the Major Arcana, Andrew’s Crystal Oracle Cards…and more! Become certified in the “Art of Crystal Telling”!


Feng Shui Journal

This course makes it possible for you to improve relationships, maximize career potential and enhance your environment! We are honored to offer the Feng Shui Journal for beginner to advanced Feng Shui practitioners. This journal covers an extensive background on Feng Shui techniques history, usage, clearing, cleansing, manifesting and helpful information in order to bring balance back into your life!