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Ancestral & Generational Trauma - DNA Healing Session 

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DNA Healing Session

The DNA Healing Session is for discovering and understanding generational and ancestral trauma patterns that influence your perceptions and behavior. While we bring in our own lessons we would like to learn and unresolved karma to work on from past incarnations, we also incarnate into lineages that have their own unresolved issues from generations of trauma. This trauma may be cultural such as slavery, vows of silence taken by abused women, shame, betrayal, abandonment, poverty, cycles of abuse, divorce, violence, fears, addiction, and much more. These can be considered predispositions similar to the reaction animals have toward other animals they have never encountered but their ancestors have. The information about an attack or altercation with a threatening animal is stored in the DNA and passed down generationally.

Many of us are meant to clear and heal our bloodlines of this trauma because those that came before us did not have the resources to do so.

In this session I will be reading your DNA to find these influences on your personality and life experience, and to determine what patterns have not only been affecting your life, but those which you may be here to clear so that these patterns are not get passed from generation to generation I read the trauma patterns in the DNA from each elder separately including:

  • DNA from your Mother & Father

  • DNA from your Maternal Grandmother & Grandfather

  • DNA from your Paternal Grandmother & Grandfather

  • Ancestral DNA from your Mother's Lineage

  • Ancestral DNA from your Father's Lineage

I will then help you to clear these patterns and explain them to you so you can make sense of past experiences and not pass these on to your children.


1 hour session + 30 min discussion

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